November 2015

You Are Here Now: Exhibition

Tartaruga is pleased to announce the details of the forthcoming UK exhibition of You Are Here Now from Norwegian photographer Eivind H. Natvig. The exhibition will be held at Fish Bar in Dalston, London from 20 November to 26 November, and is his first UK solo exhibition.

The photographs are his vision of his homeland and show a Norway devoid of the familiar clichés of beautiful fjords and beautiful blondes. Instead Natvig presents a country full of darkness, humour, colour, and wild juxtapositions.

After six years of working abroad Natvig returned home to a staff job on a small newspaper:

‘Pandora’s box was open… I had eight assignments throughout the country where there was 100% creative control. It was wonderful. I discovered that my countrymen are more welcoming than expected. This country which seemed so remote and so closed to me through all my years abroad was not that way at all.’

Natvig’s job did not last long but a seed had been planted, and so began a period of self-imposed homelessness - a life lived on the road. No strings, no ties; just a vast and endless Norway and a reliance on the kindness of strangers. Natvig travelled the length and breadth of his country, which after years of separation had the appeal of somewhere completely new.

The images in Du Er Her No / You Are Here Now linger in the hinterland between documentary and fine art. They show figures in the snow, hands reaching through water, fish heads in blood-red water, the flight of birds at night and figures in the forest. Mundane objects and situations are re-invented through Natvig’s lens, defamiliarising the familiar.

Du Er Her No / You Are Here Now, was published by Tartaruga in 2014. The book and a limited set of two-colour screen prints will be on sale throughout the duration of the exhibition. The exhibition has been made possible with support from Fritt Ord and the Norwegian Embassy in London.

The exhibition will be open each day from 11am to 6pm with the private view on the evening of the 19th, 6.30 - 9.30pm.

Images from You Are Here Now exhibition in Trondheim Kunstmuseum, 2014