November 2014

ParisPhoto Picks

This weekend we launched our latest publication, Eivind H. Natvig's Du Er Her No / You Are Here Now, at ParisPhoto. It was my first visit and although at times it was all a little overwhelming, it was great to be there to soak up the vibes and chat to some interesting people.

I tried not to buy too many books, but there were some that I simply couldn't resist. Here they are:

Carolyn Drake, Wild Pigeon, Self published

Ricardo Cases, El Porqué de las Naranjas, MACK

IPG Project, Sumimasen, Éditions du LIC

Jonás Bel, El Palentino, Phree

Rafał Milach, The Winners, GOST

Nicoló Degiorgis, Hidden Islam, Rorhof