July 2014

Glottalstop: exclusive mix for Tartaruga

It's been a few months now since the first Glottalstop album, Woodsmoke, came out - the first vinyl release on Tartaruga. In that time it's had great, considered write-ups in Anti-Gravity Bunny, A Closer Listen, We Need No Swords, ATTN, Impose, and sparked a great Antipodean conversation on the Antidote podcast. Which is not to blow my own (distorted, fragmented, tape-hiss-laden) trumpet, but it's been massively gratifying to read a whole bunch of well-written reviews from people who'd properly engaged with a release that - whilst I was really pleased with it - I had no idea what kind of reception it'd get. So basically, thanks a load to all those people above and everybody else who bought a copy - especially that guy at the Petrels show in Kortrijk who asked "what have you got that isn't like all that singing crap?". Hope you enjoyed it.

Anyhow, this is no kind of segue at all, but I've made a mix:

I thought it'd be interesting to make a mix up using a broadly similar approach to how I went about putting Woodsmoke together. As such this is less of your usual mix approach of 'check this track out in it's entirety and then check this track out in it's entirety and then check this track out in it's entirety and then check this track out in it's entirety and then check this track out in it's entirety…' and more a case of me putting a bunch of tracks and sounds and textures together to form one kind of long form track. Because frankly I can't beat match and if you're going to just put a string of tracks that you like in a row, well then that's not really any kind of a mix at all is it?

In any case, all of the artists on this mix are people I love and that I feel some kind of affinity for in terms of what I was (and am) attempting to do with Glottalstop. If you're listening to this mix at all I suspect you'll have heard of the vast majority but if not I've included links where I can find them for the rest.

And speaking of Harley Garber (another seamless segue), Apartment House are going to be performing his incredible The Winds Rise In The North at Cafe OTO on 13 July and it'll definitely be worth missing the world cup final for.



1. Sarah Hopkins - Songs Of The Wind
2. Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides - One Day We'll Limit Forever
3. Kuupuu - Paha Koira
4. Taj Mahal Travellers - Between 7:03-7:15 P.M.
5. Audrey Chen - Glacial
6. Chris Watson - Casarina
7. Daniel Menche - Kataract
8. Jazkamer - Friends of Satan
9. Aaron Dilloway - Infinite Lucifer
10. People of the North - Drama Class
11. Harley Gaber - I Saw My Mother Ascending Mount Fuji
12. Bismillah Khan & Party - Shenai Instrumental
13. Vibracathedral Orchestra - A Natural Fact
14. Benoît Honoré Pioulard - Calder
15. Halim El-Dabh - Wire Recorder Piece
16. Sri Ma Keow & Chai Wat - Courting The Woman From Chiang Mai
17. Kyrgyz - Ghosts Of The Winter Run
18. Morton Feldman - Three Voices (opening)
19. Oliver Barrett - Mr. Author

Notting Hill Sound Systems: Exhibition

Please join us to celebrate the opening of an exhibition of work from Brian David Stevens:
Notting Hill Sound Systems
photographs by Brian David Stevens
Wednesday 9 July 2014
6.30pm – 9.00pm
The Social
5 Little Portland Street

In the summer of 2004 photographer Brian David Stevens rose early to capture the towering speaker rigs and sound systems of the Notting Hill Carnival before the crowds arrived.
The sound systems, towering monuments to volume that stay in place for three days, are portrayed starkly and simply in Stevens’ photos, a far cry from the colourful, loud and crowded images that normally depict the carnival. Stevens says he wanted to shift the emphasis to the source of the music that was drawing people there in the first place, and yet was drowned out in the visual noise. “Normally you never see these streets empty, they’re absolutely packed with people,” he says. “I got down there very early as they were setting up and shot the huge, monolithic speakers just in the middle of the street, where they look fantastically beautiful — I think every street corner should have one on them.”

Tartaruga has produced a limited boxed set of screenprints, featuring six photographs from the series screenprinted as A2 monochrome prints on to high quality archival paper.

The prints are produced in a limited run of just 30, and come housed inside a custom printed box. Copies of the boxed set of prints will be on sale here at www.tartaruga.co.uk and available directly at the exhibition launch on July 9. 

Additional photos and information available here: